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In-house production

Parasta mitä Pohjois-Norja pystyy tarjoamaan

Parasta mitä Pohjois-Norja pystyy tarjoamaan. Elämämme parasta aikaa lumimyrsyjen välissä, syvällä kurun suojassa jossain Lyngenissä, viime keväänä...
Kuvaaja: Peter Velisek Laskijat: Paul Siljama ja Peter Velisek

Long Haul

Vitamine D-deficiency

Dark preseason teaser By Paul Siljama and Jussi Mononen feat. Henri Mustonen, Aleksi Patja, Eetu Rintama ja Aleksi Laitinen

Summer activities in Lyngen Alps

Huippu presents: Summer activities in Lyngen Alps by Skipe Oivo and Jani Johansén. Welcome!

Making of Huippu the Finnish Freeride Magazine

Huippu presents: Making of Huippu, Part 1, the outdoor work. Enjoy!

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External production

Col de I’Aiguille Verte – Face North col West

Long time dream come true! I’ve been looking at this line for a loooong time, but it newer worked out for number of reasons…weather was always playing games, I was too fat or had to work.

Making of tri(p)-color

Discover in this clip how we paint the snow in our first

Ski on colored snow!

Colored snow…This is for sure a world première! In this first episode of trip, Nicolas and Loris Falquet and Jérémie Heitz are riding colored snow in Les Marécottes, Switzerland. 15 days of work were necessary to produce this 2 minutes clip.

Compass: RUSSIA

The Compass series captures a visually stunning full spectrum experience from ski trips to three beautiful countries: Russia, Italy, and Japan.

Chamonix Storm Riding

Storm skiing from Chamonix at never ending winter 2013.

Lines of Lofoten

Great riding at beautiful landscape of Lofoten islands.