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Big wave surfer Sebastian Steudtner on his way to Lofoten

Two-time big wave surf world champion Sebastian Steudtner will be one of the four athletes (including freeskier pros Nico Zacek, Seb Michaud and Greg Hill) who will participate in “Ride and Surf Lofoten“ tour in Lofoten Norway, where they can ride deep snow and exchange their skis for surfboards at the foot of the mountains.”You better be ready, because every single surfer there will be crazy. So be prepared for a crazy good time and for action, we are going to have a lot of fun”, says Sebastian.

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Forest skiing season is a go in Ylläs

Lapland saw snow late, but since it finally started falling, the scenery has been changing at a rapid rate. It is hard to imagine that two weeks ago there was virtually no snow where these photos were shot. Two heavier snowfalls were followed by two days of no snow, which made for a firm base. As more snow kept piling up, we couldn’t help thinking whether the nearby mountains would be skiable already. Last Saturday was a clear day – the coldest day so far this winter. Mikko Lampinen and Antte Lauhamaa went for a trip to Kesänki mountain.

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FWT 2016: Matilda Rapaport and Kristofer Turdell

Freeride World Tour 2016 contestants were announced two weeks ago. Because the contestants closest to us are from Sweden, we decided to interview two of them: Matilda Rapaport and Kristofer Turdell. Matilda, 29 is one of the most recognized female free skiers worldwide and she lives lives in Engelberg, Switzerland. She is winner of Verbier Xtreme 2013, two-time winner of SBMC and she already has number of podiums in FWT (including third place on the FWT). Kristofer, 25, from Gällivare Sweden, has two victories in FWQ 4* 2015. He is also overall winner of FWQ 2015 and two time winner of SBMC.

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(Lap)land of the midnight sun and summer skiing

Pallas (in Western Lapland) still offers decent firn for skiers – Mikko Lampinen and Antte Lauhamaa witnessed it last night, May 29th. 1:45 a.m. was the starting time for the ski trip to Pyhäkuru couloir, during which the travelers got to enjoy the magical midnight sun preceded by rain. Lampinen and Lauhamaa estimate that the snow will stay for around two weeks, provided there won’t be a major heatwave, which might make the approach difficult.

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Mikko Heimonen had a first descent on Chamonix

Steep skier Mikko Heimonen had a rare first descent in Chamonix. Aiguille du Plan Ridge, Le Fil à Plomb was the route in question. Heimonen was accompanied by Jesper Pettersson who had also spotted the route.

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Such a perfect (man) day

Mikko Lampinen’s visual reportage of man-day on skis in Hjörundfjorden, Sunmore Alps in Norway, with Juha Tolvanen and Antte Lauhamaa. The recipe for the perfect day includes powder, ambience, and beer with high level views.

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Mürren sightseeing

Mika Merikanto, Huippu’s special assistant, went on a trip to Mürren, Switzerland, to find out it was very much worth it. As the pictures reveal, Swiss weather was perfect a week ago, and what’s even better, there was plenty of playground for those into off-piste activities.

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Life after Brain Massage

23 minutes for working two years – that’s Brain Massage, the Nipwitz legacy. Oskari Raitanen fills us in on how it was being in Nipwitz and why it won’t be seen anymore (at least not on the silver screen, that is).

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Tero Repo shared first place in Courmayer photo contest

The latest match between Finland and Sweden ended up in a draw. Daniel Rönnbäck and Tero Repo shared the first prize on “Killer Loop Click On The Mountain” contest. Repo admits having participated in a relaxed holiday mood. The contest that went on for 72 hours involved photography in Courmayer and Punta Helbronner area.

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Skye Darden saw a lot of good style in Finnish Open

“I definately saw a lot of good style and I think the level is rising”, says the head judge of Sappee Finnish Open, European brand manager for Bern, Host in tv series Wild Spirits and ski bum, Skye Darden.

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Finnish exoticism in randonnée

A photo of Arto Majava’s and Mikko Lampinen’s (Huippu’s photo editor) just made it to the hot-off-the-press December issue of the Powder magazine. And what’s the shot in question?

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Xavier, Lucas and penguins

The picture on the cover of Huippu 2/13 was shot by Tero Repo in Antarctica. In addition to penguins, the photo shows world-class snowboarders Xavier De La Rue and Lucas Debari, whom we asked a few questions about the exotic moment.

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Altitude sickness

The symptoms of altitude sickness vary, and one may experience them at locations closer than and conditions easier than those in Nepal. Actually, it is likely that many alpinists have experienced some mild altitude sickness without knowing it. Traveling from the port of Rostock straight to Chamonix, making it to the summit of Aiguille du Midi around noon, skiing actively all day, enjoying a few drinks, and then spending the night at a high altitude. That is a combination that exposes any skier to altitude sickness; one may feel some headache and nausea the next day, but it often gets mistaken for a hangover.

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Markus Malin is making new tricks

Markus Malin is one of those who contribute to the image of an informally relaxed pro athlete that seems to have become the standard among snowboarders and new school riders. He is very passionate about his sport and is renewing his place at the winter olympics, but he only makes the increasing pressure and the forthcoming qualifications appear fun to him.

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Nordic Hooligans make art

A squad consisting of Finnish urban skiers and VeVe Media, a movie production company, is currently working on a documentary-natured ski movie that takes place between Finnish urban setting and Moscow. The movie (starring Otto Venäläinen, Roope Poikonen, Tommi Niemi and Paul Mikkonen) will be released through the Nordic Hooligans website in fall 2014.

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Riders of big waves

When waves reach the size of a high-rise building, it ain’t a playground for small men. Tom Carroll (born in 1961) and Ross Clarke-Jones (1966) from Australia demonstrate on their latest video, Storm Surfers 3D, that exceptional sports performances do not happen by accident.

Kokemus, rohkeus, voima, hyvä ajoitus ja tolkuton määrä taitoa ovat vähimmät edellytykset sille, että järkälemäisten aaltojen sisälle syöksymisestä tulee hauskaa ja että aalloista on ylipäätään mahdollista selviytyä, kertoo Ross Clarke-Jones.

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AJ Kemppainen: From New Zealand smog to Sochi

AJ Kemppainen, a halfpipe rider, is securing his place in the winter olympics. Gold from a world cup event held in New Zealand a week ago earned Kemppainen 1,000 FIS points and a steady lead in terms of qualification for the olympic games.

“Securing a spot at this point in the season is the biggest reward. Now, I can concentrate on just skiing,” Kemppainen says.

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Huippu 1/13 cover

Huippu 1/13 is here! The first cover shot was taken by Tero Repo who’s the internationally most renowned Finnish ski photographer. The shot was taken in last April in Alaska, Haines.

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The first Finnish Huippu will be here soon! Let’s have a little peek at what’s inside.

Gilbbesjàvri, Zillertal, New Zealand, Weather forecast for the rest of the year, Kalle Leinonen, Park ski test, Janne – a reindeer farmer’s son, Ask Arto, Sorfjelltinden tour guide, Top Huippu shots, Buyer’s guide, Timeout…

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Feelings from the fell

There is a lot to do in the summer of Lapland, for it offers mountain biking, running, fishing, and hiking, for example. In a blazing hot day on late July, I went to enjoy the area around the Pallas fell with the snowboarder Miikka Hasti, who, in addition to being fond of going fast on boards, is an avid hiker.

The thermometer read 24 degrees, and there was no wind. We decided to take it easy.

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Jake’s Surf Hotel takes one to fjords

Jake Laitinen is on his way to JylyFest, an alternative festival where bands rock on the loft of a cattle shed.

Jake’s vehicle of choice is a 1986 Volkswagen Traveller, a pink attraction that its proud owner calls ”A Surf Hotel”. The owner in question is a self-proclaimed person vibing off of all good things.

Surf Hotel sports a 2.1-liter petrol engine that packs a punch; however, Jake is trying not to exceed 80 km/h.

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AJ Kemppainen is looking forward to the winter

Antti-Jussi Kemppainen, a ski halfpipe rider of the national freestyle team, is enjoying the sun and swimming in an artificial pond in Vantaa. He’s doing well.

To kick off the summer, Kemppainen was awarded a grant for athletes (20,000 EUR) by the Ministry of Education and Culture.

”Feels nice,” Kemppainen admits.

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Tromsø Enduro launches July 19, 2013

1,300 altitude difference meters, awesome views, and a lot of good stuff! All those are offered by the mountain bike enduro race held on Grønnlibruna, Rundfjellet and Litje-Blåmannen on Saturday, July 19.

One can find the right vibe on the camping site in Straumshella (Hella, 30 kilometers from Tromsø) the night before the race. The race track as well as other mountain bike trails in the area are open for everyone’s inspection.

Juha Tolvanen (FIN), the main organizer of the event, reveals that that race track isn’t technically demanding.

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Give me any board – I’ll ride it! Right, Nuutti Niemelä?

Have you ever wondered whether a professional boarder can pick up just about any board, ride it, and feel natural on it? The answer seems to be yes.

For example, take Nuutti Niemelä, 22, a slopestyle rider for the national A team. He shreds on a skateboard in the summertime like it’s his first nature – but that’s not the only board he gets busy on.

He also found riding a wakeboard a very natural thing the first time he set his feet on it: standing up and not falling posed no trouble to him, and turning was a breeze. How come?

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Hot biking summer in Rovaniemi!

This year, the transition from skis onto a bike has happened extraordinarily quickly in Rovaniemi (the biggest city in Finland, north of the polar circle). Usually, the transition takes around 1–2 months in the north in the spring and fall.

As I left for ”a high altitude camp” at Kebnekaise after mid-April, the conditions were still somewhat wintery, but as I returned ten days later, all the snow had melted almost completely. The mountain biking season was on!

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Skiing season still going strong in the Alps

Mika Merikanto, an extreme skier and an assistant for Huippu living in Les Marecottes, Switzerland, has been extending his skiing season in Zermatt. In central Europe, skis won’t be getting much rest for weeks to come.

How are the skiing conditions in Chamonix and Valais, Mika?

This winter, we got loads of snow and there is still an exceptional amount of it. Actually, Switzerland has been getting fresh snow in record-setting amounts in the last few days. Speaking of record-setting events, that also applies to the floods caused by all the snow – but for a slalom skier the conditions are better than in years.

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Snow, who needs it anyway?

Snow is gone, skiing is not! The Swiss extreme skiing legend, Sylvain Saudan, was eagerly practicing turns on rocky ground and sand in the summer. He put it quite appropriately: ”For me, the people who can ski on the stones can ski in any kind of snow.”

Saudan in our minds, we pulled out 25 years old Kästle RXs and headed to the gravel pit in Mustavuori, Tampere, to see how sand would ski. Skiing on sand isn’t just a good workout – it’s also fun and extremely dusty!

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You can do it all on Senja – but not every time

”Surprisingly good yet cold as hell,” Miikka Hast put into words his feelings about his May surfing mission on Senja.

It took Hast three tries until he managed to get on the wave on the coast of an island between Narvik and Tromsø this spring.

According to Hast, one can draw some conclusions from the local surf reports – but in the end it all comes down to luck. It may be worth it to take a risk, however.

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Accommodation expands in Tamok

The freeskiing valley of Tamok in northern Norway will soon be getting more of much-needed places to stay as Jarkko Henttonen, a professional snowboarder, is opening a Gjestehus in cooperation with Aadne Olsrud.

A house that accommodates seven at a time is originally Olsrud’s home. All enquiries regarding the Gjestehus can be sent directly to Olsrud on Facebook through a group called Tamok Friends.

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Joona Kangas continues in the national team

Levi has been witnessing few skiers in May. However, there is one skier that has been making up for the lack of others. Joona Kangas, 16, a new slopestyle talent who made it into the national team last season – and whose position in the team was renewed for this season – has been doing what he loves the most in his local park just as he does almost every day of the season.

The ulna that broke last January, just like the shinbone that broke last season, is a thing of the past.

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The endless range below Elbrus

The expedition of Arto Majava, Sami Sarsama, Mika Fält, and Mika Selroos made it successfully to the top of Elbrus in the Caucasus mountain range in Russia on May 14. The conditions for skiing down the top were exceptionally good.

An additional challenge in conquering Elbrus and skiing it down was Mika Fält’s disability. Everything went according to the plan, however, and Fält became, presumably, the first person with a disability to ski down from the top of Elbrus (5,642 m).
Here are a few questions we presented to the expedition about the different stages of the journey.

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