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Forest skiing season is a go in Ylläs

Words and pictures: Mikko Lampinen

Lapland saw snow late, but since it finally started falling, the scenery has been changing at a rapid rate. It is hard to imagine that two weeks ago there was virtually no snow where these photos were shot. Two heavier snowfalls were followed by two days of no snow, which made for a firm base. As more snow kept piling up, we couldn’t help thinking whether the nearby mountains would be skiable already.

Last Saturday was a clear day – the coldest day so far this winter. We joined Antte Lauhamaa for a trip to Kesänki mountain.


At the bottom, the temperature was around -20, but the higher we rose, the warmer it got.


The weather was beautiful, and there was more snow that we had been dreaming of.



The quality of the snow was really good, and rocks weren’t bothering us at, either, as we learned to pick the right lines.

Rider: Antte Lauhamaa


Up we go again!


Our second run witnessed the sun setting behind the Ylläs fell, but that didn’t slow us down.
Rider: Antte Lauhamaa

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