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Monthly Archives: May 2015

(Lap)land of the midnight sun and summer skiing

Pallas (in Western Lapland) still offers decent firn for skiers – Mikko Lampinen and Antte Lauhamaa witnessed it last night, May 29th. 1:45 a.m. was the starting time for the ski trip to Pyhäkuru couloir, during which the travelers got to enjoy the magical midnight sun preceded by rain. Lampinen and Lauhamaa estimate that the snow will stay for around two weeks, provided there won’t be a major heatwave, which might make the approach difficult.

Mikko Heimonen had a first descent on Chamonix

Steep skier Mikko Heimonen had a rare first descent in Chamonix. Aiguille du Plan Ridge, Le Fil à Plomb was the route in question. Heimonen was accompanied by Jesper Pettersson who had also spotted the route.