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Mürren sightseeing

A week ago, Mika Merikanto, Huippu’s special assistant, went on a shooting trip to Mürren, Switzerland, for Huippu’s SkiExpo issue. Conditions were superb, and weather was very pleasant for skiers.

According to Mika, Mürren is a classy, traditional Swiss alpine village that has everything in close proximity. Eiger, Mönch, and Jungfrau embellish the magnificent view.

”In terms of skiing, it should be said that the volume of lifts in the area is enormous and there is no queuing. From every top station, it is easy to reach amazing and easy freeride terrain – by hiking a bit sometimes or not – and there were barely any other off-piste skiers in there.”

”You can easily get a solid impression of the area even if you haven’t visited before. All in all, Mürren ranks among the finest places to ski in the Alps that I have had the pleasure to visit,” Mika says.

Here are some tasters of the full report coming up in the fall.

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