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Tero Repo shared first place in Courmayer photo contest

pictures: Alessandro Belluscio, Tero Repo, Daniel Rönnbäck, Marius Schwager ja Tim Lloyd

Tero Repo and Daniel Rönnbäck shared the first place in Killer Loop Click On The Mountain, a photography contest.

The contest held in amazing snow conditions in Mont Blanc’s Courmayer area ended with Finland and Sweden tying for first place.

Congratulations on your win, Tero!
Thank you.

What was the contest all about?
We had 72 hours to shoot photos with three riders on Courmayer.

How many teams were involved in the contest?
Four teams were participating.

How did you end up taking part? Was it an invitational event?
Yes. Three photographers were invited, and one was taken in through qualifications.

Who were in your team?
Sam Cohen (a skier), the son of Lee Cohen, a legendary ski photographer; Roland Morley-Brown (a boarder); Giacomo Rey, a local boarder; and a guide, Jimmy Sesena.

What means did you have for getting around? A lift, a helicopter, or just bare muscles?
One day at Courmayer ski center, one day with a helicopter (we went up twice), and one day on Punta Helbronner.

What were your goals like in terms of photos?
Fairly relaxed. I only shot maybe half of what the others did. We went there to enjoy ourselves and took a few shots while doing it. It was great.

How would you describe what you came up with?
Great story-telling. Guys handled it all in an action fashion. We shot everything from freeskiing to jibbing.

What was it that earned you the first place?
Possibly versatility and quality were what counted the most. We did share the first place with another team, however. Daniel Rönnbäck from Sweden didn’t want to give up without a fight.

What is the prize you got?
4 000 €, but we only got half of that as we had to share it with Daniel.

Did you have a great party to wrap it all up?
What party?

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