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Xavier, Lucas and penguins

Pictures: Tero Repo ja Xavier De La Rue

The picture on the cover of Huippu 2/13 was shot by Tero Repo in Antarctica. In addition to cormorants, the photo shows world-class snowboarders Xavier De La Rue and Lucas Debari, whom we asked a few questions about the exotic moment.

Congratulations Xavier and Lucas – you’re on the cover of the latest Huippu magazine! In the picture, you are in Antarctica. What can you tell us about the moment of shooting?

Xavier: That moment was towards the end of the trip. We had already ridden some pretty heavy metal terrain and a lot of the pressure of the trip had released and we could bond a lot better with everything around us and enjoy these special moments with the animals.

Did you have good moments riding?

Xavier: There has been some amazing moments indeed. I think that the moment I stood at the top of the captain face, ready to drop, was the one image that I will keep in my head for the rest of my life. (Xavier’s pov screen capture below)

Lucas: Some of the riding moments were the most terrifying I’ve ever had

How did the penguins feel about you? You were on their territory, after all.

Xavier: There are amazing creatures and seeing how funny looking they are, it makes the whole place be a lot more like wonderland… It seems that they are not even used to be scared of humans as they have barely seen any. they just kept on playing around us.

Lucas: The penguins were a constant source of noise and entertainment. They were not very bothered by us at all. They didn’t even change their behavior until we were very close.

How was the trip to Antarctica in general?

Xavier: Quite a special experience, a lot more tha just a snowboard trip. The drake passage was incredibly painful, but the magic of antarcica of the landscapes, the nature is worth the suffer. Definitely a truly unique experience.

Lucas: It was an experience of a life time, sailing there and back was the most difficult for me.

Tero said that the sea travel was quite rough. Do you agree?

Xavier: Hell yeah… Misery and pain for days and days, non stop. I think that’s the worse part.

Lucas: I would love to go back some time, but i do not think i could manage to the boat trip back and forth across the drake.

How was the location in terms of riding?

Xavier: Amazing! The snow is not necessarily the dream powder but it’s the kind of snow that is stable, that really caries and that is still really fun. It allows to ride over steep terrains. Way more than any where else. Plus the fact of riding huge lines that point straight down into the ocean is something really special.

Lucas: The terrain was exceptional, the hardest part was finding the right snow conditions.

What were you most impressed by there?

Xavier: The colors, the light…Hard to describe but really special.

Lucas: The AK style spine lines that went right into the ocean were pretty next level.

How was it working with Tero?

Xavier: It’s been a long relationship with Tero, around 5 to 6 years. I really like his style and dedication. The good thing about working with him is that he always pushes to get new angles, new visions…

Lucas: Tero has a great eye for the shot, and you know that when he gets excited about a shot that It’s going to be sick.

Tell us about some plans you have for the season?

Xavier: I will go to the olympics, it’s great for me to change my focus a bit and get back to “school” in a way. After that, I’ll go on some expeditions, probably keep on filming in alaska and the alps. We have a great thing running there

Lucas: I wish i knew what i was getting up to next season. Hopefully i will have the opportunity to go somewhere new and amazing

Send some greetings to our readers?

Xavier: Can’t wait to go back to Finland, I love it there and I love the fins! Especially their party ways!

More stories and pictures of Xavier’s and Lucas’ trip to Antarctica in our print magazine!

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