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Monthly Archives: October 2013

Xavier, Lucas and penguins

The picture on the cover of Huippu 2/13 was shot by Tero Repo in Antarctica. In addition to penguins, the photo shows world-class snowboarders Xavier De La Rue and Lucas Debari, whom we asked a few questions about the exotic moment.

Altitude sickness

The symptoms of altitude sickness vary, and one may experience them at locations closer than and conditions easier than those in Nepal. Actually, it is likely that many alpinists have experienced some mild altitude sickness without knowing it. Traveling from the port of Rostock straight to Chamonix, making it to the summit of Aiguille du Midi around noon, skiing actively all day, enjoying a few drinks, and then spending the night at a high altitude. That is a combination that exposes any skier to altitude sickness; one may feel some headache and nausea the next day, but it often gets mistaken for a hangover.

Nordic Hooligans: Making of Video

Welcome to the Nordic Hooligans blog! This is the space where we will share all the good and the bad stuff that we experience in the making of this movie. We´re gonna post “making of” videos, pictures and feelings as often as possible during the winter and the all the way to the premiere next fall.