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Monthly Archives: August 2013

AJ Kemppainen: From New Zealand smog to Sochi

AJ Kemppainen, a halfpipe rider, is securing his place in the winter olympics. Gold from a world cup event held in New Zealand a week ago earned Kemppainen 1,000 FIS points and a steady lead in terms of qualification for the olympic games.

“Securing a spot at this point in the season is the biggest reward. Now, I can concentrate on just skiing,” Kemppainen says.

Huippu 1/13 cover

Huippu 1/13 is here! The first cover shot was taken by Tero Repo who’s the internationally most renowned Finnish ski photographer. The shot was taken in last April in Alaska, Haines.


The first Finnish Huippu will be here soon! Let’s have a little peek at what’s inside.

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The first Tromsø Enduro

The idea of Tromsø Enduro was born around a year ago as I was hike-and-biking on my home mountain, Kvaløy. Catching my breath, I pulled out my lunch sandwiches out of my bag. Sweat was dropping down my forehead; it was a particularly warm fall day. I sat on a rock and marveled at the beauty of the fjord as the bright fall colors on the faces of the mountain created a superb contrast to the sea. I had seen this view so many times – it never grows old.