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Monthly Archives: July 2013

Feelings from the fell

There is a lot to do in the summer of Lapland, for it offers mountain biking, running, fishing, and hiking, for example. In a blazing hot day on late July, I went to enjoy the area around the Pallas fell with the snowboarder Miikka Hasti, who, in addition to being fond of going fast on boards, is an avid hiker.

The thermometer read 24 degrees, and there was no wind. We decided to take it easy.


Summer came fast although there was more snow than in many years in the North. One weekend the temperatures went up and never really came down again. I switched snowboard pants and boots straight to boardshorts and flipflops and I was still home in the Arctic circle. The warmth felt good. The air between my toes felt even better. It was not long before I started to long for sea, salt and waves.

Jake’s Surf Hotel takes one to fjords

Jake Laitinen is on his way to JylyFest, an alternative festival where bands rock on the loft of a cattle shed.

Jake’s vehicle of choice is a 1986 Volkswagen Traveller, a pink attraction that its proud owner calls ”A Surf Hotel”. The owner in question is a self-proclaimed person vibing off of all good things.

Surf Hotel sports a 2.1-liter petrol engine that packs a punch; however, Jake is trying not to exceed 80 km/h.

AJ Kemppainen is looking forward to the winter

Antti-Jussi Kemppainen, a ski halfpipe rider of the national freestyle team, is enjoying the sun and swimming in an artificial pond in Vantaa. He’s doing well.

To kick off the summer, Kemppainen was awarded a grant for athletes (20,000 EUR) by the Ministry of Education and Culture.

”Feels nice,” Kemppainen admits.

Tromsø Enduro launches July 19, 2013

1,300 altitude difference meters, awesome views, and a lot of good stuff! All those are offered by the mountain bike enduro race held on Grønnlibruna, Rundfjellet and Litje-Blåmannen on Saturday, July 19.

One can find the right vibe on the camping site in Straumshella (Hella, 30 kilometers from Tromsø) the night before the race. The race track as well as other mountain bike trails in the area are open for everyone’s inspection.

Juha Tolvanen (FIN), the main organizer of the event, reveals that that race track isn’t technically demanding.