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Monthly Archives: May 2013

You can do it all on Senja – but not every time

”Surprisingly good yet cold as hell,” Miikka Hast put into words his feelings about his May surfing mission on Senja.

It took Hast three tries until he managed to get on the wave on the coast of an island between Narvik and Tromsø this spring.

According to Hast, one can draw some conclusions from the local surf reports – but in the end it all comes down to luck. It may be worth it to take a risk, however.

Accommodation expands in Tamok

The freeskiing valley of Tamok in northern Norway will soon be getting more of much-needed places to stay as Jarkko Henttonen, a professional snowboarder, is opening a Gjestehus in cooperation with Aadne Olsrud.

A house that accommodates seven at a time is originally Olsrud’s home. All enquiries regarding the Gjestehus can be sent directly to Olsrud on Facebook through a group called Tamok Friends.

Joona Kangas continues in the national team

Levi has been witnessing few skiers in May. However, there is one skier that has been making up for the lack of others. Joona Kangas, 16, a new slopestyle talent who made it into the national team last season – and whose position in the team was renewed for this season – has been doing what he loves the most in his local park just as he does almost every day of the season.

The ulna that broke last January, just like the shinbone that broke last season, is a thing of the past.

The endless range below Elbrus

The expedition of Arto Majava, Sami Sarsama, Mika Fält, and Mika Selroos made it successfully to the top of Elbrus in the Caucasus mountain range in Russia on May 14. The conditions for skiing down the top were exceptionally good.

An additional challenge in conquering Elbrus and skiing it down was Mika Fält’s disability. Everything went according to the plan, however, and Fält became, presumably, the first person with a disability to ski down from the top of Elbrus (5,642 m).
Here are a few questions we presented to the expedition about the different stages of the journey.

Huippu blog

Writing and publishing a new freeskiing magazine has been in our minds for a long time. At the end of 2012, the thoughts and plans we had finally became something we could make into a magazine. We also felt that the time was finally right.

These days, there are many passionate freeskiers in Finland, and they are interested in well-written stories about travels, gear, and people that have to do with their freeskiing lifestyle. What’s even better is that in Finland, there are also those who are very motivated to start working on a brand new publication with a fresh new style, in world-class fashion.