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Big wave surfer Sebastian Steudtner on his way to Lofoten

Two-time big wave surf world champion Sebastian Steudtner will be one of the four athletes (including freeskier pros Nico Zacek, Seb Michaud and Greg Hill) who will participate in “Ride and Surf Lofoten“ tour in Lofoten Norway, where they can ride deep snow and exchange their skis for surfboards at the foot of the mountains.”You better be ready, because every single surfer there will be crazy. So be prepared for a crazy good time and for action, we are going to have a lot of fun”, says Sebastian.


Parasta mitä Pohjois-Norja pystyy tarjoamaan

Parasta mitä Pohjois-Norja pystyy tarjoamaan. Elämämme parasta aikaa lumimyrsyjen välissä, syvällä kurun suojassa jossain Lyngenissä, viime keväänä...
Kuvaaja: Peter Velisek Laskijat: Paul Siljama ja Peter Velisek

Vitamine D-deficiency

Dark preseason teaser By Paul Siljama and Jussi Mononen feat. Henri Mustonen, Aleksi Patja, Eetu Rintama ja Aleksi Laitinen

Nallo - a Freeride Mission

Summer activities in Lyngen Alps

Huippu presents: Summer activities in Lyngen Alps by Skipe Oivo and Jani Johansén. Welcome!

Making of Huippu the Finnish Freeride Magazine

Huippu presents: Making of Huippu, Part 1, the outdoor work. Enjoy!


Paul Siljama: good energy from British Columbia

In video Paul Siljama shares his good vibes from Whitewater and Kootenay mountain.

Nordic Hooligans: Making of Video

Welcome to the Nordic Hooligans blog! This is the space where we will share all the good and the bad stuff that we experience in the making of this movie. We´re gonna post “making of” videos, pictures and feelings as often as possible during the winter and the all the way to the premiere next fall.

The first Tromsø Enduro

Juho Pusa, who came in second, speeding.

The idea of Tromsø Enduro was born around a year ago as I was hike-and-biking on my home mountain, Kvaløy. Catching my breath, I pulled out my lunch sandwiches out of my bag. Sweat was dropping down my forehead; it was a particularly warm fall day. I sat on a rock and marveled at the beauty of the fjord as the bright fall colors on the faces of the mountain created a superb contrast to the sea. I had seen this view so many times – it never grows old.